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Thanks for checking out the Lords of Vegas Americana Kickstarter!  Below you’ll see all the rulebooks and boards for our 6-player base set and Americana.  Please keep in mind that these are all still in progress and may change before release.

Lords of Vegas Base Set
Lords of Vegas Underworld
Atlantic City
New Orleans
Con Jobs
TableTop Simulator Mods

You can try out the Lords of Vegas Americana expansion on-line, via Tabletop Simulator (which is available via Steam). The information below assumes that you have both.

     If you would like to host a game of Lords of Vegas Americana:

  1. Subscribe to any (or all) of the Lords of Vegas base set or Americana game modules by clicking on their button above
  2. Launch Tabletop Simulator
  3. Click Create
  4. Click Multiplayer
  5. Fill in your server name, password, and number of players
  6. Click Create Server
  7. Click on Workshop
  8. Click on the expansion board you want to play
  9. Click Load
  10. Your game should now be listed and available for people to join

If you would like to join a game (not host) a game of Lords of Vegas Americana:

  1. Open Tabletop Simulator
  2. Click Join
  3. Search and find the game you wish to join
  4. Enter the password if one has been set for your game
  5. Click Connect
  6. You should now be in your game and ready to play