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Lone Shark’s marquee city-building game Lords of Vegas is coming back! After a successful Kickstarter campaign, we’re now taking preorders for our release of our new edition. You can preorder the new Base Set, our brand new Americana expansion, and lots more just by clicking the button below.

Lords of Vegas begins amid the tumbleweeds of 1940s Las Vegas. You start with a grubstake of a measly few million dollars and build up a colossal casino empire. You’ll build, sprawl, raise, remodel, and reorganize your glittering pleasure palaces, where you and your friends can gamble away millions. But watch out! Your fellow casino magnates will wheel and deal with you, but they have their own empires to manage — maybe at the expense of yours.

The Lords of Vegas Base Set is a 6-player edition, for the first time in the game’s history. It comes with all new wooden pieces and beautiful new board, money, tiles, and cards. The game plays in 60 to 90 minutes. Lords of Vegas is a modern classic, and its new look will delight the fans of the game for years to come.

The new expansion Americana features four new Lords of Vegas games playable with the base set. Each game comes with a new game map, wooden pieces, and cardboard tokens appropriate to their location. A western-themed poker card deck is also included. 

The four new games are: 

  • Lords of Atlantic CityIn Atlantic City, everything cozies up to the famous Boardwalk. Would-be moguls work elbow-to-elbow in densely connected blocks, creating a game where the main limit to the size of your casino is what you can take… and what you can keep. On this massive 44-inch board, tensions sprawl into the alleys between and around the casino blocks, growing larger and potentially connecting the board to create gigantic casinos — and the inevitable battles for control of same. Since it’s set in Atlantic City, you can compete for monopolies that give you power to expand your empire. 
  • Lords of New Orleans: In the 1990s, casino owners hoodwinked the Louisiana legislature into authorizing floating riverboat casinos on the Mississippi River. Lords of New Orleans brings that fabled vision to life. Five riverboats steam up and down the Mississippi, with players jostling to become their captains. When a boat docks at a casino block, it joins with any casino of that color that touches the block’s dock — at least until it pays off, when its captain die rolls and someone else may helm it elsewhere. When you play Lords of New Orleans, you’ll discover a world of rollicking river fun. Laissez les bon temps rouler! 
  • Lords of Reno: In the Biggest Little City in the World, 2 or 3 entrepreneurs arrive in Reno to find a pre-built — and mostly under-attended — gambling empire. A new take on small-group play, Lords of Reno starts off with the board populated with casinos owned by “Johnnie Reno,” a now-absent competitor who conveniently built up a sizable empire before even more conveniently disappearing — leaving behind those casinos, ripe for exploitation. The famous Reno Arch allows players to link together and break apart casinos across blocks in an ever-shifting landscape. If you ever thought Lords of Vegas needed a skybridge, this expansion is for you. 
  • Lords of Tombstone: In 1881 Arizona, property — like life — is cheap. Money here is measured in single dollars rather than millions. A sparse arrangement of potential claims leads to some showdowns over ownership. Meanwhile, residents like Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday might have something to say about the burgeoning new gambling concerns. A deck of cards changes how both gambling and conflicts are resolved, and sometimes your property “claims” aren’t necessarily as yours as you might have thought. Two new actions, Ante and Call, are added to the core Lords of Vegas rules, for interacting with the poker deck and the town’s colorful residents.

Available only from us is the mini-expansion Con Jobs, available as a $10 add-on to a Pledge Manager pledge. After the campaign, it will only be available from our store and convention booths. This 55-card deck plays with every edition of Lords of Vegas, including all the new Americana boards.

Con Jobs features a host of conventions and events coming to your gambling paradise. Depending on which kind of casino you focus on during your turn, you can host any event from a Route 66 Rally to a Petroleum Industry Summit‚ even the office favorite Clown College Reunion!

In addition, you can also get our previous Underworld expansion, a set of 100 custom Lords of Vegas poker chips, and a playmat. We will be retiring our Player Upgrade Kit, as the cars and planes will now be in the base set. The Up! expansion will also be taken out of print, since all its components are in the base set. You can still get it from our online store today.

The preorder site is open! Reserve your copies of all these great Lords of Vegas games today!