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Welcome to Las Vegas

You and your friends have finally made it! You’ve figured out how to live and thrive in this rat race, and now you’ve come to Vegas to celebrate. And for one last challenge. A bet really. Who can make the best empire out on the Las Vegas strip? That’s Lords of Vegas. 

Buy and trade properties, bring in the best employees and machines, gamble at your friends’ casinos, and build up your empire. When the time comes, own the best casinos and win that bet with your friends to win the game. 

The new Lords of Vegas base game, which you can find on Kickstarter February 21st, includes all componets from the Up! Expansion. This means you and up to six of your friends can expand out along the strip and up into skyscraping hotels and casinos!  The biggest and best casinos still win, but now you have a new direction to grow. 

If you’re bored with all the success and want to add a bit of challenge and danger to your enterprise, you can always delve into the Vegas underworld. Lords of Vegas: Underworld brings the seedy underside of Vegas to life. You’ll be deep in the muck with mobsters, thieves, grifters, and, worst of all, accountants. You’ll also take a trip to the past with a new game board for old downtown Las Vegas. You’ve made it big when surrounded by your friends, but can you survive and thrive in the original sin city? 

Once you’ve mastered Vegas, there are other cities of chance to conquer. Lords of Vegas: Americana will have you taking a gamble at running the tables in Atlantic City, Reno, New Orleans, and the shootout-prone streets of historical Tombstone! Each new city comes with its own challenges and mechanics, making it a sure bet you’ll have a blast every game. 

Learn more about Lords of Vegas, the expansions, and the next Kickstarter by hitting the buttons below. And here’s hoping Lady Luck smiles down on you no matter which city you and your friends end up tackling.  

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